Gold Wedding Band/Subtle Pattern

Having been asked by a potential customer to make a very plain yellow gold wedding band, I suggested that we carry on a bit further in see if we could find a very simple way to personalize the ring and, ultimately, make it an actual one of a kind ring, the likes of which he'll know won't be worn by others. Not wanting to drag you through the details of the conversation we had, I'll simply point you to the pictures of the ring, which effectively enough show a rather yellow gold wedding band that's VERY simple...which was his major concern. However, when examining the ring more closely, particularly in the pictures, you'll be able to see a series of small white dots (made of a tiny bit of platinum) on both the inside and the outside of the ring, these dots being visual AND conceptual elements he felt was very telling about himself AND very appealing. Although many people who see the actual ring likely won't notice this subtle detail, my customer was most pleased that we were able to establish a way of making it HIS ring while, at the same time, maintaining an essentially very plain appearance. Please have a look at the rings in the accompanying image.

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