Green Sea Turtle Sculpture

Powell Swanser, "America's Premier Aquatic Sculptor" presents a unique mixed media piece that incorporates two scenes in one sculpture. The surf foams as the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) abruptly surfaces for air from the floor of the tidal pool where she has been feeding. As this gentle sea traveler floats above the turtle grass, an inner feeling tells her the time is near for her mysterious voyage to another ocean, thousands of miles away. Enduring dangers, starvation and storms, her uncanny ability will lead her on an exhausting journey, returning to lay her eggs on the very beach where her life began. ...Just as on this tiny, windswept isle, the cycle of life completes itself. In the early hours of a warm, tropical rain, this newborn jurassic explorer tears away his leathery confines to take the first look at his new world...a world of perils and preditors where only one in hundreds survive. With the undaunted determination of his ancient ancestors, he prepares for the frantic dash across the sand, into the sea and down... "The Long and Winding Road" Approx. 26" high and 30 lbs. $10,000.00 "I've seen the best, and this one is it! Swanser has the rare ability to create the animate from the inanimate. His is "blue chip" level investment work." The Japan Economist.

Dimensions: Approx. 26" high, 20" wide and 30 lbs.

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