Custom Grown-Up Nieces Animated Flipbook

This was a custom flipbook order from a customer who wanted me to make a flipbook showing what her young nieces would look like in the future.

I think she put it best: "Lily wants to be a facepainter/icecream scooper, Nora wants to be a princess.... not sure how strong their desire is to be those things... but their fleeting desires are worthy of praise.... cause i'm in love with them!"

So my task was to find a way to show this fast-forward in time, and it ended with a sweet little caricature photograph of the two adorable girls. I had a blast working on this project! What a brilliant idea.

A video of this flipbook can be seen in the video section, or view all of my flipbooks at

This is a custom-made 3"x5" animated booklet. When you flip through it quickly, you can watch a short cartoon movie. It is bound with sturdy vinyl book-binders tape and covered with plastic film cover for added protection. Includes a box with custom hand-drawn illustration and a blank hand-drawn 3x5 card for a custom message.

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