Guest Bath Vanity Revamp

Once outdated, blotchy, rough, cheap, and painful to look at, this vanity has been given a new life.

Though the actual cabinet cases remained as they were before, the old doors, drawer fronts and boxes, and hardware were scrapped. The species that made the face frames was discovered to be Alder, so new alder doors and drawer fronts were made. The old particleboard drawer boxes, with their warped 1/4" construction plywood bottoms were discarded and rebuilt using 3/4" pine boards and a 1/2" birch ply (finish grade) bottoms.

The face frames were sanded down, the recessed areas of the frames under the sinks were painted black as an accent.

The doors have slightly thicker rails then the stiles, and the bottom rail of each door is thicker still. This gives them a nice proportion that feels right when viewed from above.

The first few coats of finish on everything was dewaxed shellac, which gave everything a warm rich base color. The doors were then selectively glazed with a homemade black glaze, only in the inner profiles. This helped the new wood blend better with the old face frames, which had some residual stain that had penetrated deep into the grain. Everything was then top coated with several coats of semi gloss polyurethane.

No handles or knobs are necessary as there are pulls under each drawer, and the doors sit on top of the face frames instead of being inset.

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