Hand Forged Rail Road Spike Knife

This particular example is made from 1050 Steel from a small gage rail spike from the Swamp Rabbit Line, a branch line of the Southern Railway that went from Greenville, SC up into the valleys of Travelers Rest, Slater and Marrietta serving the textile mills located along the rivers of those town.

This style is perfect for a Rail Road enthusiast who has a keepsake spike from a favorite railroad line. I will hand forge the bland and twist the handle on Thistletorr's coal fired forge. If you do not have a special spike, then we can provide you one from rails that now travel the Best Friend Line that ran from Charleston SC to Branchville SC in the earliest days of railroad travel.

A matching set would be a unique place setting for a special steak dinner party.

The blade will be oil hardened and then hand sharpened to a true razor sharp edge. The lemons in the photo were just sliced by this knife.

Price is for a single knife. Hand made leather sheathes available if you want to use this as a hunting or fishing knife. ( Filet knives available in this style as well)

Dimensions: 7" Total length, ( 9" available as well)

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