Hand Stamped Quote Necklace With Hammered Reverse

Hand Stamped Sterling Quote Necklace
Your quote, hand stamped in a tiny, custom made, all lower case font, one letter at a time.

The Sterling Silver rectangle ia hand cut and the size will be adjusted to fit your quote.

For reference, the sample is 11/16" wide by 1 1/8" wide. Maximum height and width on this piece is 2"x1.

Lowest price is based on the sample size and 18" chain.

The opposite side is lightly hammered for texture and given a slight brushed finish.

A design stamp, if desired, can be added. (See below for choices)

On a Sterling Silver chain, custom sized up to 30"

Design stamps available:
Baby footprints (single right or left, or both), girl face, boy face, cupcake, coffee cup, flower, flower with stem, 3 leaf branch, spiral, tiny spiral, heart, tiny heart, shamrock, spiral wave, dotted wave, fleur de lis, peace symbol, triangle, little bird, owl, leaf, anchor, apple, OM symbol, awareness ribbon, Ichthus, Star of David, Chinese characters for peace, love and or happiness), cross, butterfly, crown, tiara, skull and crossbones, cat face, paw print, sunburst, bubble question mark, small or large asterisk. Larger, 6mm stamps: flower, songbird, and butterfly. Extra large (10mm) Dandelion and fluff.

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