Handcrafted Rocking Chair

A rocking chair inspired by the famous designs of Sam Maloof. This is a beautifully crafted chair made entirely by a single craftsman. A true heirloom piece of furniture.

The one pictured is made out of Sapele with Walnut accents. A species of wood closely related to, and very close in appearance to Mahogany. But I can make chairs out of a number of different woods. Two of my favorite choices are Walnut and Cherry.

The chair is comfortable for most body types, but if you are particularly tall, I can increase the height from the floor. Building a chair like this is time-consuming and demanding. Depending on when you order, it may take longer then 12 weeks. I can provide photo updates if you desire. You can see a video of this chair being made here. https://youtu.be/m9JYBn-sjM0

Seat is 21"W by 20"D
Headboard is 31" from the seat bed.

Dimensions are approximate. This is a handcrafted piece and slight variations are inevitable.

Price does not include shipping. This chair is shipped via Truck Freight in a custom crate that I build for the chair. The cost varies depending on destination and will be negotiated when the chair is commissioned.

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