Handcrafted Tooled Duty Rigs/Holster

Custom Duty Rigs. Can be made in different colors with different styles of tooling.
Magazine Holders: Can do double or single mag holders, with open or closed tops. Metal clips may be used instead of belt loops on the back.
Handcuff Cases: May be made in the closed top style or bikini style.
Keepers: May be made as single or double keepers.
Holsters: I will need the exact make, model, and caliber of the gun. Glock, Sig, and 1911 are mostly what I do. I do not make revolver holsters. If it is a gun that I have not worked with, I may need a photo copy of the gun, exact copy to scale. I will also need some very specific measurements from these guns and cannot make a holster without them! Please contact me for those details
Belt: Trophy belt (trouser or pant belt) or Ranger belt (with billets). On Ranger belts you will need to specify 1" or 3/4" billets.
Conchos will be an additional charge ($4 each).

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