Handmade 5x7 Ooak Happy Birthday Cards With Envelope

Need to tell a special someone you wish them the best day ever? We would love to help you by creating a custom birthday card.

Use anything for inspiration. A painting, a novel, a favorite creature, a video game or favorite flower and let DMK bring it to life.

We use a variety of media to create cards by hand from textured papers, to buttons, stickers, to fabric.. No machines are used in their production.

Sets can be made in themes so that cards match but are not all exactly the same if that is your wish.

Theme samples: Garden, Childlike Doddles, Dragons, Bears, Transportation, Mustaches etc.

Size 5x7
Blank inside
Prices by Qty.

1 card $4.50
2 cards $4.00/ea
3 to 5 $3.75/ea
6 to10 $3.50/ea
11-15 $3.00/ea
16-20 $2.75/ea
20+ $2.50/ea

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