Handmade Tall Cup With Wood Ash Nuka Glaze And Coblat Blue Drips, (Sku 49)

This is a tall cup that was made by hand and can be used for any drink of your choice. It is made from Stoneware clay on the pottery wheel. It was dipped in a wood ash glaze called a Nuka glaze, which comes from Japanese historical pottery and causes the pot to have a cream color. It was then brushed with Cobalt blue stain to give an earthen feel. The light colored cobalt blue dripped down the glazed pot during the firing, creating blue color hues in the cream colored base glaze. The cup is 100% functional, dishwasher safe and microwaveable. It measures about 6.5" tall, width 3.5" including handle. This cup is a perfect drinking vessel for all occasions so make sure you have some in your cupboards.

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