Handmade Wood Iphone Docking Station Stand – Black Walnut

This iPhone Docking Station stand made from Black Walnut features a gorgeous patterns of dark and light walnut colors and rugged beauty. These sophisticated and classy gadgets will catch the eye of everyone in any office or home. The cut for iPhone is made at a 15 degree angle, perfect for most mobile phone devices and designed for optimal visibility of the screen on any flat surface or desk. An oval opening is cut in the center of the groove which allows for the 30-pin connector as well as the iPhone 5's lighting connector cord (both not included) to be plugged into the phone when resting on the stand. All surfaces have been sanded to a smooth baby skin feel and all edges and sides rounded. This hand-finished wooden iPhone Docking station stand is finished with several coats of tung oil wood-finish to bring out the wood's rich grain and shine. The bottom of this Grant Stand features rubber feet which are screwed in place with solid brass screws to provide secure cushioning and scuff resistance. This hand-finished wooden iPhone stand is great for the home, office, kitchen counter, or nightstand. You will enjoy this hand-crafted wooden iPhone Grant Stand!

Wood iPhone Docking Station Stand – Black Walnut:
• Wood Type: Black Walnut
• Dimensions: 3" x 2 3/4″ x 1 3/4" (approx.)
• iPhone Cut: 15 degree, 13/32" opening
• Finish: Tung Oil Finish
• Compatible with the iPhone 5, 4S, 4 & similar sized phones
• Charger opening compatible with 30-pin connector as well as iPhone 5 lightning connector

Each stand is a one of a kind and may be slightly different in color, grain pattern, and knots than the one pictured. Black Walnut often has intensely dark grains and beautiful heartwood coloring. It often contains numerous dark to light colorings giving the grains a beautiful flow and pattern. The Walnut iPhone stands are finished with a Tung oil finish to bring out the shine.

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