Hard Maple Hall Table

Inspired by the classical Rococo style, this beautiful Hall table was made by combining various pieces built and carved from a 17 bft Hard Maple board. The three dimensional look of the top center was made by inlaying from the same board quarter of inch thick. The inlay parallel to the edges was made from crosscut maple pieces, while the diagonal net was made using a plain cut. The exquisite detail on the edges and corners was added using most of the remaining pieces. In fact, almost the entire board was used, except for a few small pieces. The lack of material to work with inspired the artist to use all the spare parts to make the work truly superb and unique. The apron is carved with a shell surrounded by a flowing curtain. The curtain is so realistic that it seems to by floating in the wind. The legs are carved with an intricate spiral, topped with a linen fold as lifelike as the curtains.Wood carver used about 300 hours to finish this beautiful table.

Dimensions: 43.25" x 19.5" x 35" Hard Maple

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