Hedge Fund Private Offices & Datacenters

ARMADA provides complete, turnkey, end-to-end design, sourcing, and construction of contemporary high-tech private offices, trading floors, vaults, and investment processing datacenters with a wealth of unusual features to sustain your wellbeing, productivity and security.

Bespoke, custom design, outfitting, manufacture, and installation of the finest private offices in commercial buildings, industrial factories, yachts, planes, garages, and residential homes.

Capabilities are endless with specialization from oppulent details, carvings, materials (woods, metals, glass, stone, tiles, minerals, fabrics), elements (furniture, rugs, carpets, doors, windows, gates, lights, lamps), textures, temparatures, luminosity, shapes, dimensions, and ruggedness.

Co-existing, sometimes hidden, and integrated into this vision are unique safety and security protections to information technology apparatus to demanding technical performances and durability to exceptional electrical purity, RF spectrum suppression or strenghtening, ambient climate assurance, and communications latency and continuity needs in trading environments.

Embedded security protections available run from hidden mechanical weapons to energy and ultrasonic disablers to glasses and shields to preventative structural buildout measures to structural component fortification.

Special shielding capabilities include EMF and EMP shielding, IR shielding, radiation detection and shielding, biohazard and chemical contamination detection, laser-shot scattering glasses, and polarized shielding to prevent spying. Electrical and RF jamming are offered as to prevent unauthorized activities and communications.

Environmental space monitoring for air/water/dust/vibrations/radiation/EMF/RF/EMP/chemicals/biohazard and video surveillance recording for premises, staff comings and goings, ensure security and staff performance is to expecations. Badges and fobs or rfid are tracked, including those unregistered.

We cover the gamut from idea to innovation to design to master plan to crafting the physical space, the data space, the lighting, HVAC, climate control, air supply filtration, to security and countermeasures. We present a breadth of choices to help you hone in on your special style and vision, assiting you along the way with proactive options.

We can handle all details for you from office space construction, to telecommunications, to electrical, to climate control, to fire protection, to power backup and generators, to networks, to computers and database recordkeeping systems. We have built and integrated it all from the ground up and know how to optimize all components and ensure satisfaction.

Private offices can be outfitted with datacenters, media vaults, security vaults, safe rooms, and passages. Each project delivery is on time, to contract, and on budget.

As a hedgefund co-founder and founder of a major data processor and software house, I understand the cost of your time and your commitments. I feel your need for peace and order. We are excited to work with you. From $150,000 and up.
Services available worldwide.

Dimensions: Custom to your needs. Typically from 500-1000 sqft to over 10,000 sqft.

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