High Tech Reception Desk

Simple materials like mdf, stainless steel, 3/4" glass, and an automotive finish brushed aluminum, ( the oscillation of the brushes created the pattern) and in this case a stone like plastic laminate top, with solid cherry wood, and modern hardware behind for the receptionist combine in this desk.

The second photo is the producer's desk laced heavily with electronic components. It is 13' long with 5 racks. The back wall is baffled (by others) specifically to diffuse some sounds in this acoustically tuned room. A team of engineers ( controlling the sound board and speakers (monitors) in front is not shown. Costs can be over a $1,000 a foot for this studio furniture.
Patchwerk Studios, Atl.

Dimensions: The reception desk is 9' x 6', the producer's desk in the second photo is 3' x 13'.

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