Host Station • Cue Restaurant & Bar @ Guthrie Theater; Minneapolis, Mn, Usa

Cue is the street-level restaurant and bar in the new Guthrie Theater.

The restaurant aesthetic draws upon the sleek and dramatic building design. However, the interior mood is about hospitality and the experience of elegant dining.

The design of the Host Stand becomes part of the interior architecture.
Modern yet bold, its composition is an assembly of metal and stone planes, accented by an internal light panel. This transforms the meet-and-greet station from mere commonplace to a welcoming beacon. The Host Stand, your first impression of the Dining Room reflects the artisan flair with which the food is created and plated.
Functionally, the upper counter holds a phone and computer for reservations and seating; the mid-section is a recessed compartment for menu storage; the bottom section is a closed door cabinet for storing dining related items. The millwork has a built-in vertical wire-chase, and sits over a recessed floor box for accessing telephone, data and power lines.

Custom Furniture Commission: One-of-a-kind. Designed by IAKeer and fabricated as part of the Interior Architecture package for the Cue Restaurant & Bar.

Dimensions: 42.00"H 42.00"W 31.75"D

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