Host Station • Garden Restaurant @ Art Institute Chicago; Il, Usa

Found at the entry to the Garden Restaurant, Keer created a unique Host Station and Artisan Railing. Each incorporates authentic carved cast iron, copper plated balusters from 1899 by the famed Chicago Architect - - Louis Sullivan, now part of the museum's prized Architecture collection. Sullivan was an enigmatic force of the Chicago School of Architecture. Keer's design is inspired from Sullivan's Architecture - - modern composition of vertical and horizontal planes forming a base, middle and top. This creates a uniquely simple backdrop for Sullivan's magnificent ornament, which transforms the meet-and-greet Host Station from mere commonplace to a welcoming work of art. It is the first impression into the dining facility and reflects the artisan flair with which the food is served within. Functionally, the millwork is a 3-tier design: The top counter serves as writing and receiving; the mid-section is a recessed cubby for a house phone; the bottom is a closed door storage cabinet for menus and dining related items. Also included are concealed casters for positioning, a built-in vertical wire chase which sits on top of a recessed floor box for telephone and power line access. One-of-a-kind: Custom Furniture Commission. Designed by IAKeer and fabricated as part of the Interior Architecture package for the Garden Restaurant.

Dimensions: 48"H 22"W 22.5"D

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