Humidor For True Cigar Enthusiast (With Extras!)

This humidor is designed for the REAL cigar connoisseur by someone who KNOWS cigars. We grow tobacco, cure tobacco, make cigar molds, roll cigars, and craft the perfect humidor to store and gracefully age cigars.
This style can be customized is nearly any size and with a wide range of woods; the one pictured here demonstrates our love of woods and our skill in crafting the ultimate humidor.
Features include:
Ø 6 adjustable and slotted shelves for perfect airflow.
Ø 100% Spanish cedar lined.
Ø Intricate dovetail construction.
Ø Perfect door seal.
Ø 0.5W LED lighting that won't heat cigars.
Ø Digital Temp and Humidity monitoring.
Ø Passive 2-month-no-touch Paradox humidifier.
Ø Keyed lock (Only share your precious cigars when you want to.)

Dimensions: Height = 20", Width = 16.5", Depth = 10.5"
Can be customized to any size or wood

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