Ihorn - Ipad - Ipad Mini - Iphone - Acoustic Speaker Horn

Vintage Radio look - Old Time Speaker System for your iDevice

This Old Time iVictrola combines a vintage 1920's radio horn and solid hand carved walnut base works with all model iPad, iPad Mini and iPhones even With or Without your case installed, To harness the acoustics of the proto-speaker system and repurpose it for the modern era, to create Amazing sound thru a giant megaphone filling your any size room. There are no wires or electricity. The sound more than triples and the quality is ingeniously acoustic. It truly is a conversation piece that no one else will possess.

The horn is an original 1920's radio horn.

Wether you are a true audiophile or simply a person with a real appreciation for repurposing, this is for you. This is a great conversation piece in your office at work or in your gathering room at home. It's unique and distinct; all of your friends will wish they had one too.

This would make a beautiful addition to some ones Home, Office, or place of Business..

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