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This project was the first in a series to create paintings from an abstract base of shapes stuck to a canvas with paint around them.

The original layer is rice paper "house" shapes painted with acrylic paint which bled through the paper and made amazing tiny (and big) bubble patterns on the 'inside' of the 'houses'. Using the same colors acrylic paint was dripped onto the whole canvas, over and around the 'houses. The house rice paper was removed and then the artist painted out the "drippy" she did not want with oil paint thus simplifying the pictures.

These canvasses were intended as focal point paintings for a living room or bedroom. There were a few of this series- this one, being the first was the most magical and sold right away.

The style is what I term "magical expressionism": the landscape is recognizable as such and everything dances in color and light in a magical way. This is how the "hill towns" of New Mexico feel to me: the power of that place.

Dimensions: The diptych is, overall, 5 feet by four feet. The left piece is 3 x 4 and the right piece is 2 x 4 with a 2" space between the canvasses.

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