Ipad Nook Hipnotions Professional Tool Belt Classic Or Bold Prints

iPad HipNotions Tool Belt debuts on a College Campus.

" I'm the dead of a large college and I have to cover a lot of territory in a day--carrying these elements. It would be great if it had a zipper pocket for cards/money, and could hold a tube of balm.I wear suits or some sort of blazer every day. So I need something that will sit below the waist of my suit pants..................... Love it perfect in everyway!" Professional in Alabama

"My intended use for it is a bit odd - I'm one of the organizers of a UK Convention for Transformers fans; I'm responsible for the hall layout, so I'm going to use it to carry my ipad (with all the blueprints on) tape measure, pens, cameras, all that kind of stuff :) Just thought you might like to know what odd use I intend to put it to! Many thanks!" William


Total dimensions 15" long x 8.5" wide
Main pocket for iPad or other 7"W x 1"D x 9.5" L
Zipper pocket 7" W x 4" L
Flat pockets 4.5W x 4" L
Three pencil pockets
Three smaller pleated pockets 5" D for iPhones, Blackberries, iPads extra
Swivel snap
Flap is edge stitched and has velcro closure to the front pockets The flap has a sturdy interfacing to keep it looking crisp.
1.5" x 45" L polypropylene web belt with side release snap
NOTE: Belt closure comes installed for right handed folks. Which means as one is wearing the tool belt on their right hip, the snap or buckle is on the left side of the tool belt as you are looking down at it.


Choice of Flap Prints and Canvas Colors:
This one is constructed of a black/gray wool blend on flap with black canvas pockets.
A brown black classic wool blend is also available which would look great on black canvas
( sorry no picture at this one at this time)

Prints where selected for the canvas colors and will not perhaps look that same on all computers.

own computer!

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