"Joyous" Private Collection

This painting "Joyous" is a visual depiction of the heights and energy that can be obtained through meditation. Being able to objectively look at ones self and learn. Choosing to see the beautiful colors that surround you everyday.

Its a beautiful painting, with strong bold movement. The base of the paintings is laid down using a palette knife, allowing for the strong impressionistic movement. For me paintings with a palette knife is like sculpting, chiseling away, reveling the the subject. I use brush work to further define the details of my painted "sculpture", using colors to play with the eye of the viewer by choosing unexpected colors next to each other.

If you are interested in a particular commission, or subject matter please email me to start a conversation. Together we can bring a creative idea to life.

"Joyous" was created during my meditative explorations while in Sedona, AZ, in 2006
special size Prints, Giclees, limited edition ...email for details


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