Keepsake Box, Spherical, 5 Inch, Cherry

Striking cherry hardwood for storing your jewelry or cherished treasures.

This precision crafted item appeals to several senses;
First the round shape catches the eye and instills a calming sensation.
The pleasing reddish color is attractive and inviting.
Next the round smooth feel is soothing; no sharp corners or edges.
Lift the lid and the woody fragrance is pleasing to breath in.

The lid has a raised edge bead to aid in lid removal. The lid can be made without this raised edge but rather a smooth lid transition to the lower housing. Lid spherical profile will match the housing. Pedestal base can also be omitted. These changes will render a perfect sphere with only a small flat on the bottom. Keepsake Box is weighted at the bottom to provide stability. Some prefer to have a knob on the lid. There are several styles available. Inquire if interested. A custom order can be made.

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