Kelly's Celtic Tara 36

Kelly's Tara 36 is based on the 19th century Tara McFall
created by Luthier James McFall of Dublin Ireland.
No. Strings: 36
Type Strings: Nylon/Metal
Tuning: C to C
Octaves: 5
Weight: 26 lbs.
Height: 59"
Depth: 32"
Width: 14"
• Standard - square backed
(for volume): $4,800
• Round backed
(for resonance): $5,300
• With original Celtic carving on pillar, Celtic paintings on soundboard and rounded or square sound box. (This is a beautiful replica of the 19th Century Tara McFall made by James McFall of Dublin.): $8,000 - $10,000
Kelly's Tara 36 Custom McFall 19th century near replica with custom soundboard and soundbox Art. (Kelly)"I'm happy to talk about my harp. I completely understand your hesitancy about buying a harp without playing it first-when I think about it I can't believe I did it. HOWEVER, it is the most splendid-sounding harp I have ever heard or played. As beautiful as it is to look at, it's many more times as beautiful to listen to and to play.
The sound is so rich and bright, it fills my house. Rick is a fantastic musician, and plays the harp as he's making it, he tweaks and adjusts it so that he gets the most sound out of it, and man, does it work! If I were in the market for another harp, I would order it from Rick. He's a master. So far I've heard four harps that he has made, and they have all been splendid. The Tara, being larger with a bigger sound board, is the most resonant.
I sound like the Rick Stanley fan club president, don't I? I think Rick is an amazing artist, a natural musician, and I'd love to help him get the recognition he so rightly deserves. Yup, I highly recommend his harps!"
Kelly Reese - Iowa

Dimensions: Height - 59"
Depth - 32"
Width - 14"
Weight - 26lbs

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