Kitchen Back Splash

This Backsplash design was introduced while working on a This Old House project in Carlisle, MA. The customer wanted to have a Backsplash that had the look of tiles but was more durable and easier to clean. The solution was simple. Make the Backsplash out of one piece of glass eliminating the need for grout from between the tiles that can become discolored. What you get is an elegant design, meant to look like tile work, but is much more unique. This design is easier to install and maintain then tiles and at the same time it illuminates the area under the cabinets by reflecting light it absorbs, from two windows in the dining room.

This Backsplash was created using kiln formed glass in a custom color, decided on by the customer. This solution is available in several different colors and textures and it is durable and easy to clean. The Backsplash is made of 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch thick glass formed in a kiln at 1500 degrees over a custom mold designed to provide the desired texture and design.

The studio can accommodate applications such as countertops, tabletops, dividers (room or otherwise), sinks, window panels, tiles, kitchen cabinet inserts, etc.

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