Kitchen Base Cabinet Custom Drawer Upgrade

This was a project to design, construct, and install custom built drawers and slide units in an existing kitchen.

The customer wanted to install as many as two drawer/slide units in each of the kitchen base cabinets. There were also two areas in the kitchen that had wasted space that we would convert. The first was near the stove, where a single door opened to allow cookie sheets and other tall thin items to be stored. The second was in the center island, where a wine rack unit had solid wood panels on each side that wasted storage space. We decided on custom built birch plywood drawers ordered online, some were to be used to construct special units. Most would be drawer units for the base cabinets. There was a total of 30 drawers ordered as shown in one of the pictures.

The major share of work on this project was devoted to sanding and finishing the drawers in a natural stain and urethane finish after notching the front of each drawer unit. The slide system chosen by the customer for this portion of the drawers was the 75% extension slide. The customer felt that the extra expense of the 100% slides wasn't warranted. I haven't shown all the cabinets in the portfolio just enough to show the before and after condition and increased utility. Needless to say the customer found that emptying out all the cabinets gave her a good chance to eliminate unnecessary items, and she decided to put many things back in a different order.

The real custom units were the storage area next to the stove and the wine rack where we used 100% slides to maximize the access. Next to the stove I built a slide out unit that allowed access from both sides to a lower section where the cookie sheets etc. could be stored. I included a bin unit at the top which created space for other items to be stored. The second unit was on each side of the wine rack. Here I repurposed the panels, cleaned up the space behind them, and built custom slide out units for each side. As you can see from the pictures, the customer decided to put her cookbooks here, rather than over the stove (which was hard for here to reach even when not using the stove). The customer and her husband still comment on what a good decision it was to do this job. They found that it means they don't have to bend down to search for items which made it much easier on their backs and legs.

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