Koa And Zebra Wood Safety Shaving Razor And Brush, With Stand

I read an article many years ago on how and why to shave like your grandpa. I started using a safety razor and have not looked back since.

So here is a beautiful safety razor and shaving brush set made from Koa for the handles for the brush and razor. The brush is boars hair. The stand for the set is made from zebra wood, beautiful and strong. There are weep holes drilled in the stand to prevent standing water and there are rubber feet on the bottom to prevent slipping and sitting in water.

All of the wood is finished with a waterproof finish, Odie's Oil and Odie's Woodbutter and allowed to cure for 3 weeks.

Take the shot to experience the closeness and comfort of a safety razor shave, and the blades are so much more affordable.


Solid koa and zebra wood

Boars Hair Brush

Solid Metal Razor

Finished with Odie's Oil and Odie's Wood Butter, lets wood look and feel like wood

HandMade In America

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