Koa Box

Hawaiian Koa wood keepsake box .The wood is from the Acacia tree that only grows in the Hawaiian isles , in early Hawaii during the Monarch era the wood was designated only to royalty for use in various items . Koa lumber in today's market place is actually incredible to the fact that it is a felony to cut a live tree .All lumber is only harvested from diseased and fallen tree's . The beauty of the wood is so great to many of us that even i had realized the wood is actually the sole driving force in my skills and creativity . This particular box is all hand carved life sizes roses with a full mortised lock with a brass key carved in to a chunk of curly Koa as a hidden portion of the front rose . It is carved into 4 side boards and lid ,all parts being over an inch & a half thick, also the bottom is curly koa . Pictures do not show the movement in the grain or color as they literally change upon walking around it .The floral design boxes are very unique and the carved accents flow like no other . They are labor intense because of the extensive free hand wood removal and design . I try to create items that are noticeably impossible to replicate with robotic machinery , technology has come very far & has its place but is at the peril of many great wood carvers trying to earn a living doing what they love . China & other countries send us goods at great prices but end up in our landfills while never holding an ounce of value .I urge anyone interested in having a nice piece custom made that I am flexible to their budget - deep carved pieces are greater in beauty & price but with the koa a simple relief subtle carved accent speaks volume . All of my pieces are sanded to high sheen then hand rubbed in oil and polished . Every piece is created unique for my customers & goes home with me each day while making it , sending stage photo's and progress along the way . There is no item on this earth that i cannot incorporate in to your special made piece . I was commissioned to carve this particular box and is not for sale , it sold for $3,500 . Less extensive carved boxes range from around & $1,000 to $1,500 & are very nice ! My goal is to create a Jewelry armoire 3-4 feet tall in this design & someday have it to display I also do simplified affordable pieces having texture and boning for around $600 . I also offer wholesale boxes in volume prices if you have a market for them .

Dimensions: Interior space Dimension are 5.5" by 11.5 and 5" tall

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