Konane Board Game

Konane is a board game unique to the Hawaiian culture. It is somewhat similar to checkers and Chinese checkers in that it uses small marble type pieces (the Hawaiians used small black stones and bits of bleached coral) and moves are made and pieces taken by jumping over the opponent.

Konane is unique for a number of reasons. As the game opens, the pieces are distributed evenly over the entire board and the game starts from the middle of the playing area. Perhaps most interesting, is that the game can be expanded to any size by adding an extra row of pieces to any two adjoining edges.

Hawaiians are well known for their love of sports and games and this is evident in the many Konane games chiseled into large flat stones in the ancient village sites found throughout the islands. While Konane appears to be a simplistic game one discovers very quickly that strategy and patience are required to play successfully, especially as the board size increases and the number of pieces in play goes up. If you are a game buff or looking for something fun and unique for a friend young, old, or in between, who enjoys a challenge, give Konane a try!

Dimensions: Small: 51/2" x 61/2" with 30 games pieces,15 black and 15 white, plus 1 extra of each color in their own velveteen bag
Large: 8"x10"

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