Kwasnycia Ooo Walnut/Redwood Guitar

This is a limited run of 13 OOO guitars made of some of the finest Walnut and Redwood there is.
First, the back and sides are made of Bastogne Walnut that is a hybrid wood with only about 40 to 50 trees known to still be available. It is made of a combination of English Walnut and Californian walnut and has been found to be a superior Walnut, even to gun makers. The beautiful curl of the grain is stunning, almost 3D in effect.
The binding is made of Koa and only grown in Hawaii and also a wood that is getting very hard to come by.

Now for the top, that was cut in the 1880's from virgin Redwood forests. It was used for the large beams that held up the ceiling of Tunnel 13. This is a tunnel that was built for the Souther Pacific Railroad in Oregon USA. On October 11,1923 the 3 DeAutremont brothers held up the "Gold Special-#13" that was also pulling 13 cars. This took place at the Tunnel 13 Just outside of Ashland Oregon that was heading from Seattle to San Francisco. During there attempt to rob the train, they failed miserably without a dime. In the process, 4 innocent people were killed that day. A reward of $15,900 was put up for there capture and eventually caught over three years later.
On November 17, 2003, some homeless individuals trying to stay warm huddled in the Tunnel 13. They built a fire, which got out of hand and a 2 day fight to put out the fire, resulted in the tunnel collapsing and was closed.
Before the fire took place, the Siskiyou Rail Line, serviced a couple of freight trains daily. The SR Line was still valuable. The decision was made to rebuild the tunnel, since freight could be moved 5 to 8 days faster through the SR Line than the Eugene Route.
The large Redwood beams that held up the tunnel, was pulled out, covered with 120 years worth of soot and dirt. To repair the tunnel, steel and concrete pillars were used to make it structurally secure once again.
The Coastal California Redwood from Tunnel 13 was then put up for salvage, as most of the Redwood was cut into lumber, but only a small amount was saved for guitars. Now a sought after wood, tis historical treasure has been found and is recognized for it's hidden beauty, both in looks and tone. This fine-grained virgin Redwood is nothing like you would find on the market today. Grown from trees that were up to 2500 years old, produced wood that is unsurpassed and revived after standing silent all these years.

This guitar is the first of 13 guitars that will touch the hearts of many!
As you play this instrument, my hope is that you will hear a vibrant tone from the wood that this Kwasnycia Guitar is made from and that it will inspire you, as a part of history is revived through this, your music

Dimensions: Body Depth = 4 1/2"
Body Length = 20 1/8"
Lower bout = 15"
Waist = 9 1/8"
Upper bout = 10 1/8

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