Lacewood Texas Hold Em Table

9' x 4' Racetrack style Texas Hold'em Poker Table with Dealer board

- Bigger than regular 4x8 tables = elbow room
- Prettier than any table that you have ever seen. Epoxy impregnated Australian Lacewood armrest with paua (mother of pearl) inlays.
- Classic green suited speed cloth (teflon coated, liquid beads on it and cards glide all the way across the table)
- 3 million color RGB LED's light your hole cards and bounce through the edges for a beautiful effect.
- Lights are white for play and go to programmed colorful displays at a touch of the remote.
- PORTABLE! Designed to fit in the back of an SUV for transport to your event (it can be stored away if you want to do something else with that extra room).
- Deck is 11 ply Baltic birch with 1/4" med density foam.
- Entire deck is playing surface (drink holders are not needed-have a bar towel at the ready for the spills, but don't sweat it).
- Stand is custom cut Baltic birch curved panel design. Six pieces fit together for a wobble free platform that you could dance on.
- Comes with moving blanket pockets to protect finish during transport.

This is my finest model to date. Though used, it is a unique work of art and the third prototype to come from my shop. It represents about 160 hours of shop time and is priced below other custom tables that do not match its beauty, design and utility.
This is my own proprietary design. It has no equal. With an optional flop light--you can play under the stars.

Dimensions: 108"x48"x34" approximate (smaller broken down [fits in SUV])

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