Lady Justice Fountain Pen

Fiat justitia, ruat caelum. Though the heavens fall, may justice prevail. Not long ago, a federal judge commissioned a pen with this Latin phrase engraved to serve as a reminder of the gravity of his work. I was moved to create something that embodies this idea pictorially. Blind justice has stood for millennia, exposed and holding the balance as a symbol of equality for all. I used a live model to create the drawings that ultimately became Lady Justice. She is engraved into naturally shed elk antler, and is framed with rhodium (platinum) and black titanium accents. The German made nib is the finest available and has an iridium tip for an exceptional writing experience. This fountain pen uses international sized ink cartridges which are readily available where office supplies are sold. I also include a piston type converter in the event that you choose to fill your fountain pen with the bottled ink of your choice.

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