Lake House Bunkbed Quad Set

These bunkbeds are great options as they appear to be completely built-in, but are actually not. These bunkbeds include walls on either side of the mattress and are great for privacy. We use dimensional Douglas fir for most of our beds, but can use other wood species upon request.

Typical measurements for this type of set up is about 180 inches long by about 60 inches from the wall and is about 84 inches from the floor at the highest point which puts the upper bed usually beginning around 60 inches from the floor.

Rebuild all of our bunkbeds, according to the consumer protection, agency guidelines and laws to maximize or exceed expected safety concerns

Our bunkbeds are built for both children and adults and can support over 800 pounds. They are very sturdy and although you could move them, they will not wiggle while occupied.

We deliver and set up for you, nationwide without additional fees. By doing this weekend ensure that every bunkbed we make is a safe as possible and will last a very long time.

We typically use high-quality stains and can stainless bed any color you would like.

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