Large Coffee Mug

I wanted to make some mugs that were much larger than my usual size. I essentially stretched the form taller to create this mug with a capacity of approximately 16 ounces.

I began by throwing the form on the potter's wheel out of my custom formulated porcelain clay. Once trimmed and partially dried, I cut the form apart with an exacto knife and carefully put it right back together, which is what forms the lines that are visible on the exterior and interior. This fits in my "leaf" style theme, as the lines mimic the veins found on leaves.

The handle fits 3 fingers comfortably, perhaps 4 petit fingers. It is medium weight, not feather-light, not a tank. Just right. The glaze has been fromulated to fit my clay just right so there are no cracks found in the glaze surface. This also ensures a very durable product, not at all as fragile as it might seem at first glance. The foot ring was then polished with a diamond tool to make it ultra smooth, almost glasslike. It has the look and feel of luxury, inside and out.

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