Large Origami Box - Small Storage

I call these 'origami boxes' because I make them just the same as a child. Only this time instead of glue and construction paper I use clay and slip (liquified clay used like glue). I take a small square of clay, make four opposing cuts, and fold up the sides to create the walls of the box. I have already begun using them around my home to hold rings, earrings, thumbtacks. And my daughter, a true sugar-n-spice little girl, loves anything tiny and secretive so of course she loves these as well! They are stamped with bird feet and have just a few drops of light blue glaze on each one. Each one comes with a handmade tag with a quote. Think of that quote like a fortune cookie, because it's my guess that it will speak to you by random happenstance.

*large square bowl shape with folded and manipulated corners and sides.
*large size ranges from 2 inches across and 1 inch high
*exposed, unglazed stoneware with light blue glazed specks
*they are food safe, if that is your intended purpose...
*dishwasher, microwave, oven safe, again totally by choice...
*great for decoration as well as functional use
*use it around the home to keep jewelry such as rings and post earrings or anything small and precious

I use these all over my home for my daughter's hairbands, my jewelry, and in my office for all those little things that end up all over your desk. Friends of mine love them as well just to have a small, little piece of pottery that can hold precious things. I like showing process in my work, and so I was drawn to this idea. The form is very mechanical and shows physicality in how it was made.


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