Largemouth Bass Sculpture - America's Gamefish

Evil, wicked, mean and nasty...even if she wasn't carrying five thousand eggs inside her, she's still no fun to be around. She's got a big mouth and a domineering personality, and doesn't get along well with others. She has undeveloped social skills, eats like a pig, she'll never have friends and couldn't care less. Everywhere she goes, she thinks she owns the place and everyone scatters...little fish to distant water...crayfish retreat to moss, she's lethal on the dragonflies and the frogs are terrified. No, there's no doubt about it, she's the power in the slough. She's just plain mean and she wears her title proud, and everyone knows she's the..."Bully of the Bayou" $10,000.00

Dimensions: approx 26'' high and 30 lbs

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