Late Bustle Victorian Dresses 1883-1889

The second bustle era (1883-1889) was typified by a very tailored look with straight-fronted skirts. Mirroring the tailor-made suits of men.

This last ditch effort of the bustle to hang on led to some magnificent proportions. In some cases women were even referred to in the media jokingly as Centaurs!

Women's dresses were often one color and had less but more opulent trims. They woud achieve great heights of elegance and refinement using textures in their dresses instead of extra colors. Mixing velvets, satins, and brocaded fabrics to some really luscious effects. Some of the great designers of this era Worth and Ducet used texture, fabric, and draping to push women's fashion forward.

I often make dresses around the mix & match concept. I can make a skirt set that can be worn with either Day or Evening bodices, as well as a polonaise. This way you get more options and more events to wear outfit to.

These dresses can be made in nearly any fabric from sheers to velvets and for whatever event you need them for. I can create a unique dress fro you wedding, visit to a convention or fair, or just to lounge around our Victorian home in style.

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