6 Carat Sapphire "Please Give Me A Second Chance" Ring

This one-of-a-kind, never to be made again type ,custom ring. It's creation was a series of serendipity. I accidently swished the setting, I not only dropped it, I stepped on it....yup...what was I going to tell my customer? I had to start over...
The next day in the mail, I received a fine padparadscha heart shaped sapphire , I had been waiting to pass custom. It took months to get here, and it arrived that day. The cut confused me in the photos, it looked elongated , but the color of the stone was so exquisite, I bought it. The stone looked to me, as it it had a heart shape but the heart had been a little swished, it gave me an idea to make a pendent or ring about a bruised and beaten heart.... later, I remember the setting I had stepped on.... when I tried it in the swished setting, it fit perfectly... named after the Sting song "Lazarus Heart"... own the beating of a Lazarus Heart in a ring. The heart that is strong enough to give second and third chances...

This is a 6 Carat Padparadscha Heart shaped gemstone ring set in Sterling silver. The ring is a heart shaped halo design in white sapphires. The padparadscha is a true padparadscha color, the mix of yellow, orange and red, that requires at least three adjectives to express the true color. The stone is a speciality cut, one of a kind. heated only treatment ( standard in industry, see my blog) It is VVS+ and heavily saturated, no window and no zoning... Just padparadscha perfection... just like it's namesake , the scared lotus.

Can also be made in gold and diamonds for the higher price.

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