Leather Steampunk Journal

Medium size (5" x 7" -ish) Steampunk journal and includes one major Steampunk element and minor embellishments to complete the design. You decide what color leather, what kinds of materials, and how Steampunk you want it. Colors range from standard browns to rich reds or purples and a wide variety in between. Materials can include velvet, copper tubes and sheet, glass vials, watch and clock parts, typewriter parts, glass fuses, vintage buttons/beads/hardware, and skeleton keys, among other things. This medium leather sketchbook includes 300 pages of white or cream text paper. Other papers (pastel, drawing, parchment or watercolor) are available; price may vary.

Design: listing includes one major Steampunk element and multiple minor embellishments to "complete" the design. The major Steampunk element can be an artist-designed clockwork element as seen in the photos, a hand carved/tooled design (airship, watch/clock, gears, octopus, etc.), or other various /recycled/upcycled parts. I'll work with you to figure out what you're looking for and then produce something that fits as closely as possible (I do need some artistic "license" in producing certain designs, especially the clockwork and recycled elements; tooled designs can be determined fairly specific).

Other elements can be added, additional pages, larger or smaller book size, major design elements can be combined (a carved design and a clockwork element), initials or lettering on the spine or covers, quotes inside the book, more embellishments, etc. for an additional cost. Please contact me to discuss all the possibilities.

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