Leatherbound Hollow Book Safe

Many Titles to Choose from. Contact me for a current list as the selection of available books is always changing.

Book safes are an age old way to stash one's treasures–the key to a safe, a private document, a flask, cash, jewelry and of course… secret love letters. And you can use them while traveling to hide your ipod, back up cash, or other valuables from would-be thieves. And of course if you end up wrongfully imprisoned, they work as an excellent place to stash a rock hammer for tunneling your way to freedom. Not only are book safes fun to possess, they also make a cool, unique gift.

First some considerations when looking for a book safe. The whole point is to conceal something from prying eyes, so be careful what book safe you choose. You don't want it to stand out in your book case. If this is for yourself, choose a book that will fit in on your shelf. If you've got a shelf full of new mystery paperbacks, a large vintage medical textbook will look suspicious and out of place. Additionally, consider picking a book that people aren't likely to pull off your shelf out of curiosity. Think "The Economic History of Kazakhstan" instead of "The Secrets of Better Sex". But if you're giving the book safe as a gift, choose a volume that suits the personality and interests of the intended recipient. For Whom the Bell Tolls for Dad; Nancy Drew for little sis.

Now about my book safes, what makes them different?
Usually I use upcycled used books, not new. This allows the wear and tear of a book add to the charm of your safe while lending a bit of charm to your collection. Besides, cutting up a new, unread book defeats the original purpose of that literary masterpiece. Think of it as a second life for a book that has been enjoyed.
Unlike many home crafted book safes, I have added a few construction design upgrades of my own. Learning from my woodworking experience I experimented and came up with the following improvements. (Technically, a book is "wood" so this is not too much of a departure from what I usually craft.
#1 – These safes have been crafted with "natural" page edges. Meaning that I do not just coat the outer, exposed page edges with a layer of glue. My safes actually appear to be an unaltered book when closed. You can actually thumb the pages and they separate along the edge, just like a regular book.
#2 – Internal reinforcements. (This book is too thin for pins) In larger, thicker books, I have found a way to insert metal pins that keep the book safe square and ridged. These metal pins are totally concealed. Some other book safes tend to "droop" since so much of the internal page material removed to create the cavity.

Note: Any props in the pictures are NOT INCLUDED. Electronics, cash, jewelry and other items are used to demonstrate scale of the book and compartment.

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