Lignum Vitae Falcon - Vapor Vaporizer Peppermint Pipe

The FALCON is one of our Torpedo Style LIGNUM VITAE pipes, with a longer nose than the Golden Hawk Torpedo Pipe. Approximately 3 1/4 inches in length, this little personal vaporizer has a very easy draw and offers our strongest dose of vapor. A two piece style pipe with brass threads and interior tubing provides even more of a cold sensation to the vapor. Flat fishtail mouthpiece. Small and rugged enough to slip into a pocket and never be without. Comes with a FREE 6 month supply of organic peppermint oil and cartridges.
This is true Lignum, the hardest wood in the world - very rare - the highest resin and oil content of any wood. It feels like marble! Lignum is known as the "Tree of Life", was the wood of Merlin's wand / staff. It was used to make ball berrings for submarines because it wears better than steel! Native peoples and the Victorians used the wood to make tea for it's health properties.

Pocket Herbal Vaporizer - Nothing to burn, plug in or turn on, our pipes are powered by your breath! A fun to use, healthy, zero calorie treat for anyone in today's stressful life! You can take your pipe anywhere and use it as often as you please - some days, you may want to just clamp it between your teeth and let the stress melt away.
Our pipes freshen your breath and gives an instant feeling of peace and tranquility. Smokers and those that have never thought to smoke love to inhale on our heat free Essential Pipes.

An average pack a day smoker, at $5.50 a pack, spends 2008.00 a year! This little pipe and a free 6 month supply of materials with one refill kit will save you a whole lot of money, plus you'll get tremendous health benefits breathing the vapor offers and enjoy the process! No need to quit cold turkey. You smoke a cigarette when you need it, enjoy the Peppermint pipe the rest of the time. You'll cut down dramatically on your cigarette intake from the very first day.
Ease withdrawal pains and cravings - replace the tactile, oral and repetitive action of smoking with our Essential Breathing Pipes. FAR MORE COST EFFECTIVE than other STOP SMOKING AIDS! Each pipe comes with a FREE 6 month supply of Organic Peppermint Oil and cartridges plus a printed copy of studies and findings about this wonderful vapor.

NASA funded study found that peppermint vapor is extremely effective at reducing stress and aiding relaxation, keep alert behind the wheel driving, increase physical ability and brain function, also found to aid in controlling appetite - weight loss and as an aid to stop smoking!

Who doesn't need an Essential Breathing Pipe these days?

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