What Is a Lithophane?
A lithophane ( French: Lithuania ) is an etched or molded artwork in thin very translucent porcelain that can only be seen clearly when back lit with a light source.
This custom made lithophane allows for display of precious memories in a beautiful manner. A router controlled carving machine (CNC) is used to carve a beloved picture into candlestone which is a translucent material. This machining guarantees beautiful, intricate detail and precise replicas of the provided photo. Once placed into a custom wooden box stand, the lithophane is back lite with LED lights that are controlled with an on/off switch to illuminate the picture. A picture should have a very good contrast of light and dark features to produce the best results. A friend's daughter recently had a new baby girl. As her parents are getting older we suggested a lithophane night light showing the grandparents for the new baby to see as see grows up. Additionally, we carved the baby's name and the LORDS prayer on top. This was a great hit for the daughter as her mother recently passed away. This baby will see her grandparents every night. This night light can be moved as necessary and is not tied directly to the wall outlet.
The box encasing the candlestone can be made from any hardwood from the drop down list. The box can also be personalized with engravings of your personal preference on the top (examples are a cross, emblem, scripture, a prayer, etc.) The photo displayed in the box can be a 4″x 6″, 5″x 7″ or 8″x 10″. The picture will be returned with the completed project.

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