Wild Cherry Caver Cutting Board

16-17"D X 20"W X 2"H (B-CARVER-C-LE-LARGE)

*Reversible Use (Juice Groove on one side, Flat Cutting Surface on other).
*Central Pennsylvania Wild Cherry
*Natural Live-Edge on one side - Flat-Edge on other
*Finger Grooves
*Beautiful Rustic Character
*Made in Lancaster Pennsylvania

Images are representative examples of what you will recieve.
Carver boards are created to entertain - for carving and serving big cuts of meat pr poultry. The juice pocket collects the savory aujus where guests can enjoy it - the opposite side of the board is a flat cutting surface for prepping meal ingredients. This board is thick and heavy providing a sturdy and stable cutting surface. The gorgeous wood character and color make for a one of a kind presentation. This board will add a beautiful rustic element to your kitchen – display on edge against a counter backsplash.

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