Live Edge Table For Conference Room Epoxy River Style

This live edge Black Epoxy River conference table can be customized to seat as many people as you require. The table top can be made of Maple or Walnut and the Expoxy resin can be the color you choose.

We currently have one pre-poured slab available at a discounted price. Contact us for more details.

All slabs are from the mid-west area and are reclaimed wood.
Epoxy is of high quality and will not yellow over time.
Pre-cat lacquer comes in matte or sheen.
All tables come with a set of U-shaped steel legs in matte black or Wishbone legs.
Bolts that are needed to attach the legs will come with the table and are in stainless steel.
All tables are unique and picture listings will give you a general idea of what the table will look like. Slabs differ in texture and color.
All tables can be customized according to your space.

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