Live Edge Walnut Cutting And Serving Boards- Limited Christmas Inventory!

Beautiful, handmade walnut cutting and serving boards. Each piece is unique, reflecting the natural beauty and distinct character of the wood grain. Each board is pre-conditioned and pre-sealed with food-grade oils, to bring out the warm tone of the walnut and ensure that the board is a beautiful and functional piece in your kitchen for years to come.

Every board is unique. Take a look at our portfolio -- we try to keep our listings up to date with the specific boards currently available. But we make new ones all the time, and we can't guarantee that a piece will remain in stock for long.

Here's how to purchase.


1. Let us pick. Specify the size, handle type and "character" of the board you'd like, and we'll select a beautiful board for you. You'll see a photograph of the board before it ships and we can guarantee shipment of your board within a week of your purchase.
2. You pick. Specify the size, handle type and "character" of the board you'd like, and we'll work with you to understand your needs and show you pieces that fit your criteria. It may take up to 4 weeks to create and select an appropriate piece. Pricing may need to be adjusted based on the size and character of the piece you ultimately select.

If you don't like the available boards and are unable to wait for us to make more, we'll refund your purchase in full -- and hope to see you back!


See pictures for examples.

- The Sophia - Long, straight elegant handle with hanging hole
- The Asher - Stout, straight handle with hanging hole
- The Felicity - Curved handle with hanging hole
- The Harper - Rounded grips integrated into the board. Choose from grips only on one end or on both.
- The Carter - A Large thumb hole for simplicity of function and form


If we're picking the board, we'll find one that's close to the size you choose. Typically, this will be within 2 inches on length and within 1 inch on width. If you're picking, we'll show you options with precise dimensions.

- Medium (approx. 20 x 8 inches)
- Large (approx. 24 x 8-10 inches)
- Extra Large (approx. 32 x 10-12 inches)
- Long / baguette (approx. 30 x 6 inches)

If you're looking for custom dimensions, click "Contact maker" to request another size.


Natural, live edge boards are truly unique. Tell us a bit about the kind you like, and point out images from our examples (both here and in the other boards shown in our profile). Tell us, briefly, the characteristics you like:
- Color: do you like more uniform color (e.g. almost all dark walnut tone) or more variation (e.g. featuring lots of contrast between dark and light tones in the wood) or featuring more "knots"?
- Shape: do you like a more 'rectangular' board or something with unique shape? e.g. "mostly rectangular, with gentle curves" or "I love wild edges"

Our Authentic Reclaimed Display Timbers are now available for your collection due to popular demand. Each timber comes with 2 coats of catalyzed lacquer sealer, authentic 3" cut nails to hang your boards from and concealed wall mounting hardware which is already installed. Supplies are limited.

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