Live Edge Walnut Table With Maple Legs

I try my best to show off Nature's handiwork while adding my own artistic touches. This table is the latest in this process.

The table is based on a live edge walnut "crotch" piece - taken from the point where the trunk grew into two sections. This makes the grain tighten up and darken, creating a spectacular show of pattern and texture. And this is on top of the rich, warm browns of black walnut.

The legs are made a soft maple, notched into the top to add accent to this already stunning piece. The smooth, light colored maple beautifully contrasts the dark walnut top.

The patterns of the crotch walnut and the graceful curves of the legs combine in a shape that makes you want to stop and look.

This is a table that would complement any room. Use it as an entry table or under a window. Wherever it goes, it will get the attention of whomever sees it.

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