Loons Return In Spring - Large Porcelain Vase

The loons returned to Vermont a few years ago and I couln't be happier. I love their crisp black and white summer plummage and haunting calls. Last year I was swimming with a pair of them, and they weren't a bit disturbed, which was an amazing experience for me.
This large vessel was made to hold water as a vase, but is narrow enough to be displayed on a mantle, fireplace hearth or narrow shelf....even an exposed beam. It measures 10 inches high by 12" wide by 5" deep. I made it by slumping slabs of my clay into a pair of wooden molds I cut and lined with fabric. When it set up to the leather hard stage, I set it upright and added the bottom. After bisque firing, using wax resist, underglazes and glazes, I refired it to a very durable temperature of 2243 degrees F. I am showing it with the larger "Mountain Lake" vessel, which when together has you looking out over the lake to the evergreens in the distance....a kind of three dimensional experience. However, this listing is for the lower of the two vessels only. They have to be shipped seperately, and it comes double boxed and double bubbled for safe keeping to your home.

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