Magnetic Cyanotype Butterflies

This project is another ongoing piece that I call The Swarm. Each butterfly is a double sided cyanotype print on cotton fabric. The print is then cut by hand and stiffened with a light glue. Once dry, I sew a small but powerful magnet to the body of the butterfly. Now it is ready to stick to any iron, steel, or tin surface. In my work, I create chicken-wire forms that I then cover with hundreds of these butterflies. I would be happy to construct some thing like this for you, but you can create many different environments for a swarm on your own: magnetic paint could turn part of your wall into a surface for these butterflies to land, or a constellation of nails or tacks would also creating a striking pattern. I charge 7 dollars per butterfly, and due to the time it takes to make them I may or may not be able to take on your commission right away.

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