Custom Pet Portraits

Here's a painting I did for my dear friend John about his beloved dogs Mr. Fluff and Matty (who had recently passed away), during an unforgettable vacation they had in Malibu. I'll just let John describe the project in his words:

"Another masterpiece from the artworks of Christopher Clark. This one depicting a scene from a fantastic weekend Janan and I had a year ago up in Malibu with Mr. Fluff and the Late Great Miss Matty. Their doggy dispositions were captured superbly. Great to have these two immortalized on canvas. Thanks Chris for a great job on this piece. I think we'll title this one 'Malibu Doggies'. This is certainly a prime illustration of your tagline 'Painter of Memories'. It was an unforgettable one for us indeed." – John

Basically John wanted to capture the memory of Mr. Fluff and Matty playfully running up and down the beach in Malibu, where they stayed in a beachfront condo. The only photo references he gave me were some photos of his dogs that he had, and I used them paint Matty and Mr. Fluff into this scene. We talked about what the Malibu beach was like to him and his wife Janan, about the condos lining the shore, the rocks in the ocean, and the way they would walk hand in hand down the beach as the two rambunctious dogs played up and down the sand. From all that, I created this painting, which was quite an emotional experience for them to receive. It's a memory they can now relive for the rest of their lives.

Let's have a conversation about your favorite memory. Let's turn that memory into a painting that you can enjoy forever.

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