Maple Burl Bowl - Natural Back Offset Turning

Keeping it simple the blank was mounted slightly offset to allow the deepest spot to be centered. A gentle sloping hollow was created leaving the back surface and edges natural. I only flattened the bottom enough to allow the bowl to sit. The finishing step will be to put three simple button feet on the bottom to ensure it always remains stable.

The bowl is finished with a spray shellac on the outside – afterall who wants to try to hand rub oil on porcupine??? The top surface is finished in Waterlox tung oil varnish.

This bowl attended one local art show – and found a home. Very simple yet very unique seems to attract an amazing amount of attention.

Now – we're curious just wait and see what we found from the storm fall searches! We're trying to get set to move what has to be a 4,000lb maple burled trunk section to a yard where we can begin to cut it and assess what our plans are for turning it into artwork!

Dimensions: Custom by commission

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