Master Closet

The homeowner of this contemporary timber frame home wanted a sleek closet system integrated into their bedroom that combined enclosed storage with some open/exposed storage. Simple stile and rail doors constructed of solid mahogany have frosted glass panels that glow when the closet's interior lighting is illuminated. This gives the large closet wall a lighter quality and minimizes the mass that would be associated with solid wood panels. The mahogany exterior matches the existing mahogany millwork throughout the home while the natural-finish maple complements the mahogany tones and bird's eye maple found in the adjacent master bathroom.

The doors slide on custom machined roller mechanisms that were designed to minimize noise and provide years of smooth operation. To ensure proper alignment of the doors when in their closed position and avoid having exposed catches or roller detents, powerful rare earth magnets are imbedded in the maple trim that divides the closet sections. Mating magnets are counterbored into the rear door surface. This provides an almost magical alignment as the doors pass each other and stop in perfect position.

Dimensions: 8'-6"H x 12'-10"W x 2'-6"D

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